When you need a crane, rigging, or a trailer, our knowledgeable Operations Manager can recommend the best setup for your project. Our cranes are regularly inspected as part of a rigorous maintenance schedule and are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

As the central interior’s crane truck service, we offer an extensive fleet of knuckle boom trucks with a range of lifting capacities that can lift up to 36,000 pounds with 150 feet of reach. When you pair that with our available selection of lifting attachments, decks, and trailer configurations, we are well prepared to handle any aspect of your project.



Tandem/Tandem with Effer 1050 Knuckle Boom

Our go-to for your onsite truck needs is the biggest of all our knuckle booms. Although the truck may not pack heavy loads, its three manual extensions and winch line makes it a versatile crane for your job.


Tri-Drive Tractor with Effer 340 Knuckle Boom

The smallest of the knuckle booms with a lifting capacity that ranges from 12,000 at 10’ to 1,200 lbs at 68’, this unit can get into the tight spots where lifting is required. The winch line adds versatility when paired with the 20’ clip-on deck, and the tri-drive provide better traction and weight distribution when you need to haul that heavier load.


Tandem Flatdeck with Elliott Stiff Boom

This stiff boom has a 25T Elliott crane and a 16’ deck that can lift up to 148 feet with jibs on, great for reaching heights. A man basket is also available to help with tree removal or bridge inspections.


Tri-Drive with Effer 850 Knuckle Boom

One of our best all-around setups, this unit comes with a winch line, and two manual extensions. It’s the right size tri-drive truck that can haul heavy loads and is equipped with a big enough crane, lift up to 28,000 lbs, as well as a 12’ clip on deck.


Tri-Drive c/w 990 Ferrari Tri-Drive with 990 Knuckle Boom

With ten hydraulic extensions, this Ferrari crane can lift up to 80’ and up to 28,000 lbs. It has a 20-ton winch with a live roll that pulls an oil float style trailer.

UNIT #11

Tri-Drive with 955H Effer 8S Knuckle Boom

The 15’ clip on deck is the shortest of our trucks. It’s versatile and can be used for getting into tight places. It hauls up to 18m loads, staying within legal lengths. The 955H Effer crane with manual extensions has offset jibs for lifting into doorways with 10’ clearance and 28,000 lb capacity.

UNIT #33

GMC Pilot Truck with Rotators and Dimensional Sign

For pilot truck work or a hot shot, this truck is equipped for all your transport support needs. Our operations manager is behind the wheel for onsite quotes and job overviews.


T800 Winch Truck

This truck has a 30-ton Braden winch that pulls our scissor neck. It’s great for ease of hauling equipment or anything with a skid under it. Rail and ramp attachments are also available, adding more options to include hauling rail equipment.


We have eight different trailer options available, including:

  • Three 45′ Step Decks
  • Three 45′ Highboys
  • One Scissor Neck
  • One 30′ Step Deck

With the many available configurations, this versatile fleet provides, our Operations Manager will put together the right combination for your job.

Our cranes have the capacity to lift up to 36,000 lb lift, we have the right configuration for you.