We don’t compromise on crane safety. For us, it is an essential part of every worksite.

Can-Cranes values the safety of its employees. We conduct on-site hazard checks and ensure our employees are trained and certified to identify, mitigate, and eliminate safety hazards on every job. We do this so we can continue to maintain our status as a zero-injury workplace.

Our safety management team maintains our certifications and ensure we are compliant with all regulatory requirements. We take every necessary step to ensure the safety of our workers, customers, community and keep the environment we work in risk-free.

We make sure our trucks are fully serviced and maintained regularly, and we closely inspect our rigging as well.

We hold several certifications and standards, including:

  • Crane Safe Certified
  • BCCSA Cor Certified
  • ISN
  • Comply Works
  • Avetta
  • BCRC Member

Above all else, we want to ensure our employees work safely on the job and keep safety top of mind wherever they go.