Can-Crane Specialists professional operators have extensive knowledge of and experience working across diverse industries in some of the most remote locations in BC and Alberta. We have a 24-hour on-call service which means we are ready to help with your technical lifts. We lift what needs to be moved, from forestry bridges in remote areas to personal garden sheds in town; our operators know how to move just about anything.

We also have a great collaborative relationship with other operators in and across our industry. Our ability to work well with other service providers has allowed us to work on some truly unique and exciting projects.



In the forest industry, we have a wide variety of experience that includes:

  • Bridges: moving mods and steel structures as well as swamp mats into remote locations for road builds
  • Sawmill maintenance
  • Transport culverts for road building and repairs


People across BC use propane tanks to store home heating fuel. When customers need new or additional tanks, Can-Crane Specialists makes the move smooth and simple. We work with various suppliers to successfully deliver the tanks, ranging anywhere from houses to camps in remote locations. If you need help with your propane tank, we can help with our local propane suppliers.


When it comes to residential or construction lifts or moves, we are your crane experts. Our team of operators has moved everything from trusses on houses to boats to mobile homes for building developments, companies, school rebuilds, etc. You name it; we can safely and effectively move it to where you need it. Over the years, we’ve:

  • Moved trusses, garden sheds, mobile homes, and more
  • Installed walls, floors and trusses with local contractors
  • Take down unsteady buildings (strategic or demo)
  • Unloading incoming freight for local businesses
  • Lifted Modules onto pillars with The Lheidli T’enneh First Nation


Pigging is a vital component of pipeline maintenance, operation, and integrity. It improves flow, increases operating efficiency, and reduces costs and downtime. We have worked with various pipeline companies on pipe inspections and maintenance of their gas line.


Keeping the lights on and energy flowing across BC and Alberta is essential. At Can-Crane, we work within the hydro field to provide:

  • Substation maintenance
  • Upgrades to new and existing equipment
  • Assisting with the installation of vaults and transformers in new developments
  • Install gensets for camps & remote towns
  • Installing small hydro electric systems for personal use


Whether you’re getting a delivery of goods, rearranging your construction yard or changing the layout of your remote camp, we’re here to make the heavy lifting as easy as possible. Over the years, we’ve:

  • Delivered commercial and residential containers to a variety of drop off locations
  • Relocated remote camp housing units and shacks
  • Moved and assembled BC Log Cabins, and
  • Much more.

If you or your business has significant moves to make, give us a call to see how we can help.


Infrastructure makes our world go round. Projects completed correctly and on-time help communities sustain and improve our quality of life. At Can-Crane Specialists, we have a wealth of experience providing crane services to infrastructure projects, including:

  • Transporting and lifting HVAC units into place
  • Moving chains in asphalt machines
  • Assisting in the construction of the new pool in Prince George
  • Unloading fleet vehicles for Babine Trucks

If you or your business has significant moves to make, give us a call to see how we can help.

Can-Crane Specialists has the experience and know-how to safely complete all your crane work while delivering the results you need, regardless of the project type or scope. We’ve built our reputation on delivering excellence year after year.

Not sure what crane you need? Working in a variety of industry scopes we will help you book the right crane for the job.